Custom Wedding Photo Albums: Somerset Album Features

Online Wedding Albums: Sample

Hand Bound

We place special care in the construction of each handcrafted wedding album. Every album is assembled by a trained professional who is concerned about the quality.

Narrow Seam Pages

It is important to not interrupt the design flow across the center seam of the album spread. By developing the narrowest seam available in our flush mount wedding albums, we provide you with the ability to maximize the look of panoramic designs.

Large Selection of Colors

We want to provide you with the most popular colors used for today's custom wedding photo albums. With seven colors to choose from, you should have no problems getting a cover that fits your taste.

Durable Pages

You want something that will stand the test of time, and we make sure we use the latest products to give you that. Our thick acid-free page material will support your wedding album for many years.

Professional Photo Paper

The most important aspect of having a professional wedding photo album last for many years is the quality of the paper the images are printed on. We only use Kodak's highest quality paper, Endura Pro, for that reason. This paper is only used by professional printing services and not available through most chain-store photo services.

Many Wedding Album Sizes to Choose From

Your photographer may have taken 100 images or 1000 images, so we offer handmade wedding photo albums to contain any amount of images. Choose from as few as 20 sides or as many 60 sides.