About Somerset's Wedding Album Creation

Many newlyweds have their wedding images captured by a paid professional but opt to receive the ownership of their digital image files so they can purchase their wedding album at a later date. Once they have the wedding images on a CD or DVD the question that often comes up is "What do I do now?"

Somerset Albums was born with the sole purpose of giving newly married couples the ability to design and order a professional quality wedding album. Our wedding album design/creation is perfect for those couples looking for a designer wedding photo album that they can customize themselves. Unlike other wedding album manufacturers, we offer quality wholesale wedding albums that can be created by the newlywed couple or by our professional wedding album designers. We want the wedding album creation process to be simple and easy.

Somerset Albums operates under the ownership of Dameron Color Labs, Inc. Our company was founded in 1971 and since that time has become one of the premier manufacturers for professional photography products and services. It is our passion to continue to be innovative and create new products that fill a need for both photographers and their clients. It is this passion that you will see going into every wholesale wedding album we deliver.